BUDGET 2018 – Teaser for “ACHHE DIN”


The Government at the centre came up with a motto of “Achhe Din”, ensuring that they will try and put emphasis on generating an improved environment. Each year before the financial budget is presented; the Finance minister is met with a Catch-22 situation. He is challenged with a choice either to go for a populist budget or to take a risk.

Big Questions to be answered on Monday.

  • In what way this year’s upcoming budget will match with the expectancy level of a “common man”?

  • Will this financial budget be bent towards the risk taking and experimentation?

  • The Government makes a populist announcement

The Impact Factor:

  • We may either put our emphasis on what’s not being thru and criticize.

  • Align all our opinions and judgmentally measure the inferences.

    All steps taken should for the common goal – development of every individual, the society and the economy in totality.

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