8 Tips to Excel at Group Discussions during MBA Admissions


Group Discussions blog post

The MBA entrance exam season is around the corner. Students are in full swing to prepare themselves and get accepted at top BBA and MBA colleges in Gujarat and other states. One of the parameters to get selected at the top BBA and MBA colleges is the performance during the Group Discussion round

So, if you are one of these students, it is time to start preparing for GD. Keep reading to understand how Group Discussion works and how you can ace at it.

What is a GD?

Group discussion is an evaluation parameter for most top MBA colleges. All the students who have cleared the written exam are eligible for this round. These students will be further divided into small groups. Each group will have one topic and a few minutes to think about it. Once the preparation time is  over, a panel of 2-5 members will evaluate the students.

Evaluation of Group Discussion

Some of the common criteria to test the students is:

  • How well does the student know the topic?
  • Is the student a team-player?
  • Individual contribution to the discussion
  • The sequence of thoughts and logic
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity

How to Excel at the Group Discussion

The following are a few tips that can help you prepare for GD and get accepted at a reputed university.

  1. Research on the topic

Research about common topics asked during a GD. You might not get the same one, but you will get a brief idea about the type. Start reading and preparing for the following:

  • Current affairs
  • Business and Economy
  • Social Issues
  • International Events
  • Abstract Ideas
  1. Think holistically

Once you have time to prepare, jot down all important points, along with some unconventional ones. It is very likely that other participants might have the same points too. This is when you can use your unconventional points

  1. Work on your communication skills

Having complete knowledge about the subject is not enough. You need to learn how to put it across clearly. To improve this you can take part in a mock group discussion with your friends, watch videos online, etc.

  1. Listen and then speak

Arrogance is not the key to success in GDs. Hence, let the other person talk and then put your point across. Also, while speaking, do not rush your thoughts or speak loudly. Be precise and polite.

  1. Beware of Your Body Language

The way your hand moves or your eyes flutter say a lot about you. During the GD make sure you are calm and maintain a composed body posture.

  1. Don’t hesitate if you know

Often, many students let others speak, waiting for the ‘right time’; which eventually turns into ‘no time’. Hence, if you have good points, do not hesitate to speak up.

  1. Be confident

While communicating your points, make eye-contact with the audience, talk slowly and present your points.

  1. Avoid Opinions and Personal experiences

This is a ‘group’ discussion. So, ensure that you keep personal experiences and views afar.

These are a few tips that to prepare for the Group Discussion for MBA admissions. Before you start applying at top MBA and BBA colleges in Gujarat and other states, make sure you check their eligibility criteria and prepare accordingly. Start in advance so that you have enough time to prepare and shine at your GD!

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