Skills to Succeed in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one of the broadest and most varied industries. This industry applies to any company that focuses on customer satisfaction and delight. The emphasis on customer satisfaction is the highest in the hospitality vis-à-vis any other industry in the economy. Contrary to common belief, hotels are only one segment of the hospitality industry. Numerous forms of transportation that cater to tourists and guests make an essential part of the hospitality business. Everything from luxury trains, airlines, and cruise ships are part of the transport sector.

One of the most respected and sought after jobs in hospitality is that of a hospitality manager.

Let us look at the highest valued skills required to succeed in this role:

1) Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Interpreting Information

2) Excellent Communication Skills

3) Interact well with Diverse Cultures

4) Leadership

5) Research and Organization

6) Critical Thinking

7) Conflict Resolution

So what are the duties of a hospitality manager who has all these skills?

Hospitality managers oversee day to day operations of a hotel or restaurant. This includes managing personnel, improving guest satisfaction, and taking care to maintain all facilities to a top-notch level. They also manage financial and administrative records.

Exact duties of a hospitality manager are dependent on the job title he or she has. If you are working in the food and beverage industry, as a food service manager

you will recruit and train new employees, and also ensure that food is prepared correctly and delivered. This role will require you to closely work in the financial and legal aspects of the establishment, and work with vendors. Addressing guest complaints and resolving them to complete satisfaction is also the food service manager’s job.

For a lodging manager, the responsibilities are different from the above. Their work is exclusively in the hotel industry. Some duties they carry out are: establishing room prices, coordinating the activities of the front office, the hiring and firing of personnel, and keeping track of the budgets for different departments.

Industry experience is of utmost importance for anyone seeking growth in the hospitality industry. Education is another essential, as a greater number of employers prefer candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. This makes it imperative to enroll only in the best hospitality management courses.

If the hospitality industry interests you and you are someone who is enthusiastic about working with people, this is definitely a career option to explore. It goes without saying that where you study and learn the tricks of this trade from is very important. For those of you looking to study in the Western part of the country, choose the best University in Gujarat.

6 Things Hotel Management Students are Tired of Hearing

6 Things Hotel Management Students are Tired of HearingToday, an MBA or an MS isn’t always the first career choice. Many students are moving to a career choice that is not so mainstream yet a lucrative option. Hence, hotel management courses in Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states have become a big hit.

Even though this industry is evolving rapidly, there are a few things that are often misunderstood. Due to such myths, hotel management students are often told or asked things which they are tired of hearing. If you are pursuing hotel management, here are some things you must have heard and are tired of it

1. Don’t you know every recipe out there?

Life of a hotel management student isn’t complete without this question. What people need to understand is that this industry goes beyond preparing food.

2. So, you just cook and serve food all day?

No, students studying in a hotel management college don’t just cook and serve. Here, they learn how to plan menus, manage staff, organise events and more.

3. Are you sure you want to work in a hotel all your life?

Students with a hotel management degree can work in other workplaces. This can include cruise ships, airlines, clubs and more.

4. You must have scored low in school

It is often assumed that students studying in hotel management colleges aren’t so bright. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To work in this industry, one needs to study an extensive curriculum, work for long hours, clear entrance exams and more.

5. This industry isn’t for women

If any woman is ready to work hard, has good communication skills, the right knowledge and willingness to grow, she can work in this industry. The hotel and hospitality industry isn’t gender-biased.

6. So, you are okay with low or average salary?

Hotel management students might have to do internships that might not have the best pay scale. But, this does not mean these students won’t earn well in the future. Once you have completed your degree from a good hotel management college, you’ll be offered with jobs from industry leaders. And then you will be ready to enter the market and work towards a successful career.

These are the top six things that no hotel management student wants to hear. This industry has a lot to offer for those who want to work in a fun and challenging sector. If you are planning to pursue a career in this field, start looking for the hotel management college in Gujarat or any other state. Continue reading “6 Things Hotel Management Students are Tired of Hearing”

Have You Prepared These Questions for Your BBA Interview?

Have You Prepared These Questions for Your BBA Interview?

Are you planning to pursue a degree in Bachelors in Business Administration? If yes, you need to start preparing for your personal interview. This is because; many BBA colleges in Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states, have a PI round for BBA aspirants. Only after you excel in this round, you will be eligible for pursuing the programme.

If you want to get selected in one of the top BBA colleges, you should know the common questions asked during a personal interview. To help you with this, the following are some of the top questions which BBA aspirants often need to answer. Keep reading to find out.

1. Tell me something about yourself

This is a standard question. Start with sharing some of your personal interests, experiences, education and motivations. Keep it short.

2. Why do you want to pursue BBA?

Here, the panel wants to know if you have a clear goal in your mind and know the exact reason behind applying for this course. Make sure you have a brief idea about what is taught in this course.

3. Why did you choose this university?

Talk about the legacy, successful alumni, skilled faculty and the infrastructure of the university. Answers like because ‘your university is the best’ is a big no.

4. What is your future plan?

Start with what are you planning to pursue immediately and how that will help you achieve your long-term goals. Remember, one step at a time.

5. What is your biggest achievement?

Be direct. What you did, how did you do it and how did it make a difference. Do not let the interviewing panel read in between the lines.

6. What do you mean by the term ‘business administration’?

This is to test how much you know about what you are going to pursue. Explain in short what you understand by this term.

7. Is management the same as administration?

Management is more about getting things done. Whereas, the administration is concerned with guiding the operations within an organization. Learn to answer confidently.

8. Do you want to become a manager or a leader?

First, you need to understand which one you personally prefer and why. And only then you will be able to give an appropriate answer.

9. How will this programme help you come closer to your goal?

Here, the management wants to know what is your ultimate objective, and why you are pursuing this programme.

These are the top questions BBA aspirants need to prepare to get accepted in the best university in Gujarat, Kerala, and more. Start preparing and get ready to ace your personal interview!

8 Tips to Excel at Group Discussions during MBA Admissions


Group Discussions blog post

The MBA entrance exam season is around the corner. Students are in full swing to prepare themselves and get accepted at top BBA and MBA colleges in Gujarat and other states. One of the parameters to get selected at the top BBA and MBA colleges is the performance during the Group Discussion round

So, if you are one of these students, it is time to start preparing for GD. Keep reading to understand how Group Discussion works and how you can ace at it.

What is a GD?

Group discussion is an evaluation parameter for most top MBA colleges. All the students who have cleared the written exam are eligible for this round. These students will be further divided into small groups. Each group will have one topic and a few minutes to think about it. Once the preparation time is  over, a panel of 2-5 members will evaluate the students.

Evaluation of Group Discussion

Some of the common criteria to test the students is:

  • How well does the student know the topic?
  • Is the student a team-player?
  • Individual contribution to the discussion
  • The sequence of thoughts and logic
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity

How to Excel at the Group Discussion

The following are a few tips that can help you prepare for GD and get accepted at a reputed university.

  1. Research on the topic

Research about common topics asked during a GD. You might not get the same one, but you will get a brief idea about the type. Start reading and preparing for the following:

  • Current affairs
  • Business and Economy
  • Social Issues
  • International Events
  • Abstract Ideas
  1. Think holistically

Once you have time to prepare, jot down all important points, along with some unconventional ones. It is very likely that other participants might have the same points too. This is when you can use your unconventional points

  1. Work on your communication skills

Having complete knowledge about the subject is not enough. You need to learn how to put it across clearly. To improve this you can take part in a mock group discussion with your friends, watch videos online, etc.

  1. Listen and then speak

Arrogance is not the key to success in GDs. Hence, let the other person talk and then put your point across. Also, while speaking, do not rush your thoughts or speak loudly. Be precise and polite.

  1. Beware of Your Body Language

The way your hand moves or your eyes flutter say a lot about you. During the GD make sure you are calm and maintain a composed body posture.

  1. Don’t hesitate if you know

Often, many students let others speak, waiting for the ‘right time’; which eventually turns into ‘no time’. Hence, if you have good points, do not hesitate to speak up.

  1. Be confident

While communicating your points, make eye-contact with the audience, talk slowly and present your points.

  1. Avoid Opinions and Personal experiences

This is a ‘group’ discussion. So, ensure that you keep personal experiences and views afar.

These are a few tips that to prepare for the Group Discussion for MBA admissions. Before you start applying at top MBA and BBA colleges in Gujarat and other states, make sure you check their eligibility criteria and prepare accordingly. Start in advance so that you have enough time to prepare and shine at your GD!

Future Proof Your IT Career With These Skills

essential skills blog post

This era of digital transformations is changing technology and business landscapes. One industry that is changing as fast as technology is the IT sector. The job titles, job descriptions, and expectations in the field are also changing. Employment in the computer and IT sector is predicted to grow from 7.4% to 13% by 2026, according to a study conducted by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Here is a list of skills required to future-proof your career in the Information Technology sector:

Technical Understanding

Like every other sector, being successful in the IT industry also requires you to possess expertise with technical tools and protocols. Some required technical skills are programming skills, OS familiarity, cybersecurity, and networking and firewall skills among many others. IT colleges in Gujarat and other states focus on teaching their students these essential technical skills with the help of their dynamic curriculum.

Hands-on Experience

The best way to understand and work on your technical skills is to get hands-on experience. This will help you to not only understand subjects you are studying but will also expose you to new aspects of IT. Always aim to become a “jack of all trades” since it will give you an edge over other candidates during a job interview.

Business Understanding

To be an effective leader in the Information Technology sector, it’s important you also understand how a business works. You must possess the skill to translate between IT and business skills. In other words, you must understand business priorities even as an IT professional.

Project Management

Efficient leadership, teamwork, and team management are few skills that can make a huge difference to your IT career. This means mentoring your team, understanding their pain points, and utilizing their strengths for the organization’s benefit. Focus on enhancing your team’s skills with the help of training sessions and workshops.

Being Compassionate

Interpersonal skills, initiative, drive, and empathy for the end user are all skills that will help your organization. This means listening to your customers and trying to beyond your job description. Going beyond what is expected of you will showcase you are built to be an effective IT leader.

Possessing Endurance

As mentioned above, the IT industry is constantly changing resulting in new problems that need solutions. Viruses will never be a non-issue. Updates that shut down systems will keep happening. Without the ability to persistently go after the same issue you may find the IT industry to be more challenging than you like.

Ability To Improvise

You will need to improvise more than just conversations in this field of work. Sometimes, you will need to improvise solutions as well. You may witness that prescribed solutions simply refuse to work. When something like this happens, the only way out is to come up with a solution of your own.

There will be times when the IT industry will be extremely overwhelming. However, with these skills in your bag, you will witness your career reaching new heights. If you are someone who is looking to find success in this dynamic industry, ensure that you study from one of the best university in Gujarat or another state. Top IT institutes design the

Three Most Misunderstood Facts About Hospitality

3 myth blog post

Career opportunities in the hospitality industry are growing at an exponential rate. In the year 2017, the hospitality industry provided employment to 41.6 million people in India. By 2018, this number is expected to rise to 52.3 million.  Working in this industry can lead to a fulfilling career path. With many people are currently employed in this customer-centric industry it’s surprising how many misconceptions surround this industry. Let’s look at the top three myths about the hospitality industry.

MYTH # 1: You Don’t Require Specialised Training To Excel In This Industry

To be successful in the hospitality industry you will need to develop conceptual skills, interpersonal skills, and technical skills. Developing these skills requires training and constant learning. The best university in Gujarat and other states have curriculum’s that focus on teaching their students all the skills they require to be successful professionals in the hospitality industry.

Myth # 2: Hotel Management  & Hospitality are the Same Things

The hotel industry is a small part of the hospitality industry. The tourism and hospitality industry also includes aviation, cruises, theme parks, event management, restaurants, transportation, and more. All these sectors of the hospitality industry require different skills and sometimes completely different degrees.

Myth # 3: Hospitality jobs are for the uneducated

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about the hospitality industry. It is far from the truth. To be part of hospitality management courses, aspirants go through a rigorous process that starts with a written exam, followed by a group discussion, and finally an interview. This process is a testament to the fact that highly educated and dedicated professionals are a part of this industry.

Careers in the hospitality sector are dynamic, challenging, fulfilling, and lucrative. If you are aspiring to break into this sector and are willing to work hard, you’ll find your place in the industry.

Reasons To Be A Part Of The Hospitality Industry

5_oct_Auro_blogThe hospitality sector in India has provided employment to 41.6 million people in the year 2017. The number is expected to rise to 52.3 million by 2028. If you are aspiring to make a career in the hospitality sector, then your first course of action should be to enroll for a hospitality or hotel management course in Surat or other cities. However, if you need a little more convincing, this article gives you all the reasons why working in the hospitality industry is an excellent idea.

  1. Explore Your Creativity

It’s common knowledge that the hospitality industry is people oriented. However, it’s also creative. As a hospitality professional, you create unforgettable customer experiences. Your creativity can flow in the food you make and the travel itinerary you design among others.

  1. Your Door To The World

The hospitality industry exists in every country and your skills are transferable. This means you can move to a new country and explore a new culture and new people while holding a lucrative hospitality job. There are various hospitality management courses that will help you develop an understanding of the hospitality industry in a global context. This will help you find career opportunities overseas.

3. Unlimited Scope To Grow

Unlike other professions, you won’t be stuck in one niche in the hospitality industry. You can move from a reservations manager to a travel operations manager. Alternatively, you could stay with the same employer for years and yet explore new job responsibilities.

  1. Clear Career Path

There is a clear set of educational qualifications accepted across the map for the hospitality industry. There are many institutes you can choose to pursue a hospitality degree from across the country. 

Springboard, your career in hospitality with a degree from a good hospitality or hotel management college in Gujarat or other states across the country. AURO University School Of Hospitality offers various hospitality management courses that have the best curriculum across the country.

Scope Of BBA In International Business

Scope Of BBA In International Business

There is never a shortage of demand in the world of management. So it comes as no surprise that a huge number of students pursue a Bachelors In Business Administration. The three year course offers the understanding that students need to plan, organize, and control organizational operations. With the onset of globalization, various BBA colleges in Gujarat and around the globe also provide specializations in International Business. Here is a list of the benefits this specialization provides:

Opportunity To Work In Foreign Countries

This specialization develops an understanding of foreign markets, policies, and practices. Students not only learn foreign trade in an Indian economic context, they also learn the roles international businesses play in foreign trade. If you want to secure a managerial position in an international division or country, pursuing BBA in International Business is the perfect course to opt for.

Export and Import

45% of India’s GDP comes from export and import. The EXIM policies boosted the export industry to 15% which means there are many companies exporting products across the ocean. Alternatively, many companies also import items to expand their offerings. Either way businesses require specialized knowledge that someone with a BBA in International Business will be trained in.

Expands Your Network

One of the key aspects of the business profession is the requirement of networking with people from multiple industries. While pursuing a BBA in International Business students are exposed to like minded people and industry experts. This is the best setting to make lifelong friends and create a reliable network.

It’s evident that there are multiple benefits of pursuing a BBA degree in International Business from one of the Best University in Gujarat or another state. Businesses want to run operations in multiple countries these days, so you have a bright future ahead with this widely accepted degree.

Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

A student’s education isn’t complete inside the classroom; professional internships are where they can apply theory to practice. This kind of practical education amongst industry professionals allow students pursuing a hotel management course in Gujarat the advantage that many don’t have.

The Hospitality Management students at AURO University have done an internship in France and are currently interning in hotels across Charleston, Greenville, and Orlando, in the USA. The international internship experience caters to the growing need for global thinking and the ability to survive in a different and dynamic cultural environment. Some of our students have also interned in hotels located in Surat, Mumbai, Pune, and Udaipur.

Our curriculum consists of compulsory internship for an overall duration of one year which is divided into two halves of six months each over the period of the course. These six months internships are further divided in a way that each student works across various departments for a period of one month. They work in departments like Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, and the Front Office. They also work closely with the various management departments like Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance. At the end of the internship, our students are required to work across four operational departments.

Working in the Food and Beverages Service department requires students to oversee various activities required for smoothly running the restaurants, banquets, bar and in-room dining. For instance, when they are working banquets, students learn different types of seating arrangements, cover layouts, and details of the pre-preparation of setting up a banquet. When students work in the bar section during banquets, they have to set it up before its opening and then serve drinks to the guests. Working in this department offers many opportunities for correctly interacting with guests.

When our students move on to working in the Housekeeping department, they work for a week under various subsidiary departments. They are taught and practice various cleaning methods and learn how and when to use chemicals and types of equipment.

While working with the Front Office, students are tasked with the duty to oversee the lobby, guest rooms, and ensure smooth check-in and check out of the guests. This is one of the most important aspects of their internship since this department provides thorough exposure. Students are directly and constantly interacting with guests which helps to improve their communication skills and gives them the confidence to handle the various situation they may find themselves in. And finally, when students work with the marketing department they gain a better understanding of the competitors and how the hotel markets itself to attract customers to them.

Overall, the entire internship period is designed to help students understand and improve upon both their strengths and weaknesses. The rigorous program imparts them with confidence to successfully handle their professional approach and always have a positive attitude. Hospitality management courses are meant to take students and churn out competent professionals at the end of the course.