6 Things Hotel Management Students are Tired of Hearing

6 Things Hotel Management Students are Tired of HearingToday, an MBA or an MS isn’t always the first career choice. Many students are moving to a career choice that is not so mainstream yet a lucrative option. Hence, hotel management courses in Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states have become a big hit.

Even though this industry is evolving rapidly, there are a few things that are often misunderstood. Due to such myths, hotel management students are often told or asked things which they are tired of hearing. If you are pursuing hotel management, here are some things you must have heard and are tired of it

1. Don’t you know every recipe out there?

Life of a hotel management student isn’t complete without this question. What people need to understand is that this industry goes beyond preparing food.

2. So, you just cook and serve food all day?

No, students studying in a hotel management college don’t just cook and serve. Here, they learn how to plan menus, manage staff, organise events and more.

3. Are you sure you want to work in a hotel all your life?

Students with a hotel management degree can work in other workplaces. This can include cruise ships, airlines, clubs and more.

4. You must have scored low in school

It is often assumed that students studying in hotel management colleges aren’t so bright. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To work in this industry, one needs to study an extensive curriculum, work for long hours, clear entrance exams and more.

5. This industry isn’t for women

If any woman is ready to work hard, has good communication skills, the right knowledge and willingness to grow, she can work in this industry. The hotel and hospitality industry isn’t gender-biased.

6. So, you are okay with low or average salary?

Hotel management students might have to do internships that might not have the best pay scale. But, this does not mean these students won’t earn well in the future. Once you have completed your degree from a good hotel management college, you’ll be offered with jobs from industry leaders. And then you will be ready to enter the market and work towards a successful career.

These are the top six things that no hotel management student wants to hear. This industry has a lot to offer for those who want to work in a fun and challenging sector. If you are planning to pursue a career in this field, start looking for the hotel management college in Gujarat or any other state.

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