Skills to Succeed in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is one of the broadest and most varied industries. This industry applies to any company that focuses on customer satisfaction and delight. The emphasis on customer satisfaction is the highest in the hospitality vis-à-vis any other industry in the economy. Contrary to common belief, hotels are only one segment of the hospitality industry. Numerous forms of transportation that cater to tourists and guests make an essential part of the hospitality business. Everything from luxury trains, airlines, and cruise ships are part of the transport sector.

One of the most respected and sought after jobs in hospitality is that of a hospitality manager.

Let us look at the highest valued skills required to succeed in this role:

1) Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Interpreting Information

2) Excellent Communication Skills

3) Interact well with Diverse Cultures

4) Leadership

5) Research and Organization

6) Critical Thinking

7) Conflict Resolution

So what are the duties of a hospitality manager who has all these skills?

Hospitality managers oversee day to day operations of a hotel or restaurant. This includes managing personnel, improving guest satisfaction, and taking care to maintain all facilities to a top-notch level. They also manage financial and administrative records.

Exact duties of a hospitality manager are dependent on the job title he or she has. If you are working in the food and beverage industry, as a food service manager

you will recruit and train new employees, and also ensure that food is prepared correctly and delivered. This role will require you to closely work in the financial and legal aspects of the establishment, and work with vendors. Addressing guest complaints and resolving them to complete satisfaction is also the food service manager’s job.

For a lodging manager, the responsibilities are different from the above. Their work is exclusively in the hotel industry. Some duties they carry out are: establishing room prices, coordinating the activities of the front office, the hiring and firing of personnel, and keeping track of the budgets for different departments.

Industry experience is of utmost importance for anyone seeking growth in the hospitality industry. Education is another essential, as a greater number of employers prefer candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. This makes it imperative to enroll only in the best hospitality management courses.

If the hospitality industry interests you and you are someone who is enthusiastic about working with people, this is definitely a career option to explore. It goes without saying that where you study and learn the tricks of this trade from is very important. For those of you looking to study in the Western part of the country, choose the best University in Gujarat.

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