Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

Hospitality Management That Transforms You With International Experience

A student’s education isn’t complete inside the classroom; professional internships are where they can apply theory to practice. This kind of practical education amongst industry professionals allow students pursuing a hotel management course in Gujarat the advantage that many don’t have.

The Hospitality Management students at AURO University have done an internship in France and are currently interning in hotels across Charleston, Greenville, and Orlando, in the USA. The international internship experience caters to the growing need for global thinking and the ability to survive in a different and dynamic cultural environment. Some of our students have also interned in hotels located in Surat, Mumbai, Pune, and Udaipur.

Our curriculum consists of compulsory internship for an overall duration of one year which is divided into two halves of six months each over the period of the course. These six months internships are further divided in a way that each student works across various departments for a period of one month. They work in departments like Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, and the Front Office. They also work closely with the various management departments like Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance. At the end of the internship, our students are required to work across four operational departments.

Working in the Food and Beverages Service department requires students to oversee various activities required for smoothly running the restaurants, banquets, bar and in-room dining. For instance, when they are working banquets, students learn different types of seating arrangements, cover layouts, and details of the pre-preparation of setting up a banquet. When students work in the bar section during banquets, they have to set it up before its opening and then serve drinks to the guests. Working in this department offers many opportunities for correctly interacting with guests.

When our students move on to working in the Housekeeping department, they work for a week under various subsidiary departments. They are taught and practice various cleaning methods and learn how and when to use chemicals and types of equipment.

While working with the Front Office, students are tasked with the duty to oversee the lobby, guest rooms, and ensure smooth check-in and check out of the guests. This is one of the most important aspects of their internship since this department provides thorough exposure. Students are directly and constantly interacting with guests which helps to improve their communication skills and gives them the confidence to handle the various situation they may find themselves in. And finally, when students work with the marketing department they gain a better understanding of the competitors and how the hotel markets itself to attract customers to them.

Overall, the entire internship period is designed to help students understand and improve upon both their strengths and weaknesses. The rigorous program imparts them with confidence to successfully handle their professional approach and always have a positive attitude. Hospitality management courses are meant to take students and churn out competent professionals at the end of the course.

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